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70 tips and tactics used by successful business owners.

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In my book, I’ll share with you what I call “Common Sense Secrets” that will solve those difficult employee problems that you have struggled with.

Table of Contents

  • 5 Myths of Motivation. If you believe and live by these you’ll never get your employees going. See page 12.
  • 6 Tips on Servant Leadership. Being a servant leader is one of the very best ways to motivate your workforce and easily build a highly successful business. See page 20.
  • 20 Character Key Traits. Character is vital to the success of anyone. You must know how to hire employees of great character to create an environment that you, your customers, and employees will all benefit from. See page 22.
  • 10 Key Interview Questions. Here are some key questions that will help you to find the best employees. See page 25.
  • 8 Tips on Setting Expectations. Proper expectations are vital to the health of any organization. Learn how to set expectations and encourage others to exceed them. See page 34.
  • 8 Tips For Better Communication. No one can succeed in business or life without good communication skills. You’ll never build an outstanding team of employees or grow your business without good communication skills. Learn how to improve your own and how to teach your employees. See page 40.
  • 7 Dynamics in Team Building. Teams can build motivation in some special ways. Facilitate a team concept and you’ll see motivation soar. See page 43.
  • 7 Rules in Developing Good Attitudes. You like being around people with great attitudes. Good attitude doesn’t just happen. Learn how to take your positive “can do” attitude and develop that same attitude in your employees. See page 46.
  • 4 Skills Necessary For Success And The 5 Keys To Developing Each Skill. There are basic skills that unfortunately most don’t know. People grow up in our culture without learning the fundamentals. Learn what they are and how to pass them on to your team. See page 47.
  • 8 Tips on Being A Great Coach. Lately we’ve heard a lot about the importance of coaching. You see it in sports, in business, in personal finance, and even life coaching. Even more importantly, we need to be good coaches to our employees if we expect them to be the best. Learn how here. See page 52.
  • 5 Keys to Providing Positive Employee Recognition and 8 Tips on How to Give Recognition. Everyone wants to be recognized for their efforts. You and I desire it, but do we give recognition to our employees? Learn some key ways to recognize your employee’s contributions and build a motivated team. See pages 55 and 57.
  • 7 Tips on Successful Performance Reviews. Many think of performance reviews as a necessary evil or something to be avoided. Learn what an important tool this is when building and motivating a team of dedicated employees. See page 64.

Put these common senses secrets to the test. You will be pleased with your results.

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